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Environmentally Minded
Garden and Lawn Care
for the Upper Valley


 Rooted Gardens

Ecologically minded garden design, installation, & maintenance

Why Electric?

Lawns now cover 2% of land area of the Continental U.S. That is more than any irrigated crop.  

Each gas-powered lawn mower produces as much air pollution as 43 new cars driven 12,000 miles per year! -EPA


 The Electric Lawn

Weekly zero emissions mowing


"ECOLOGICAL LANDSCAPING is a method of designing, building, and maintaining landscapes that considers the ecology of a site and creates gardens that enhance the surrounding environment for the benefit of humans and all other life in the ecosystem."                                            -ELA


1. Native plants: beckon birds and pollinators to your backyard by growing the plants they need for food and habitat

2. Right plant, right place: Mindful, informed designs that won't need additional watering, fertilizer, or pesticides

3. Lush, dense plantings: we mimic natural ecosystems to maximize niches and reduce the need for importing mulch

4. Leave the Leaves: garden management techniques to support soil health and ecosystem services

About Rooted Gardens

From Off Grid Farm to Eco-Minded Holistic Yard Care

Krystyna Oszkinis's expertise of both big picture global climate and small picture gardening mastery synthesize into a new era of ecological land care opportunity for Upper Valley inhabitants.

Matt Stuart's technical know-how delivers the theory of beneficial gardening and lawn maintenance into a reliable service to offer the opportunity to put your lawn where your mouth is. 

Let's team up to steward your beautiful, resilient, and ecologically vibrant backyard. Treat yourself to an amazing property and provide a fighting chance for your grandchildren.

We recommend converting as much of your lawn as you can into a beautiful multi-species habitat and the remaining lawn should focus on being lush, chemical free, and inviting for your family's and pets' recreation.


Enabling healthy outdoor living via top notch responsible stewardship.

Rooted Gardens & The Electric Lawn

Krystyna Oszkinis and Matt Stuart

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is a proud member of the
Ecological Landscape Alliance

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Invest in more than just your property!

 Call Us:  (802) 281-0781


"Krystyna has designed, installed, and maintained perennial gardens for me. She responds quickly to any concerns I have and is a pleasure to work with. I am very appreciative that I still have a lovely view out my window even though I can no longer enjoy doing most of the work myself."

-Ingrid, Hanover

-Ingrid, Rooted Customer


Fully Insured

Equal Opportunity Employer

Environmentally Minded 

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