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The Electric Lawn Featured in 'Seven Days Vermont'

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Green Power:

Matt Stuart likes to think of a lawn as a habitat that deserves intention and respect — not just a place to be flattened and planted with grass.

Stuart and his crew of about 10 are using six electric lawn mowers this summer to trim 250 lawns in the Upper Valley. The mowers are much more expensive than their gas counterparts — about $22,000 compared to $10,000 — but Stuart said the payoff comes in the form of noise reduction and air quality.

His customers appreciate the difference, and he said they're willing to pay 20 percent more for the services of his company, Electric Lawn. He appreciates it, too, because it fits into his background as a gardener and steward of the land. Stuart and his wife — who runs a gardening business — have an off-grid home and small farm where they have offered composting services to local restaurants and hosted other organic farmers.

Starting his two-year-old lawn mowing business and eschewing all fossil fuel-powered lawn machinery is an extension of that work, he said.

"We're not blowing through a lawn going Mach 3 and weed-whacking through peoples' nice edges," he said. "We're very intentional."

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