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Choose your pricing plan

  • Garden Maintenance

    Every month
    Rooted Garden's Krystyna Oszkinis expert touch
    Valid for 7 months
    • Most up to date garden theory
    • Clean edges
    • Weed free beds
    • long term vision
    • weekly visits
  • Best Value

    Quiet Lawn Care

    Every month
    Solar Powered Grass Cutting and Lawn Maintenance
    Valid for 7 months
    • Mowing, Weed Whacking, Clean up for properties <2 acres
    • Weekly Visits
  • Garden Design

    Design and install with Rooted Gardens's Krystyna Oszkinis
    • Consultation and collaborative planning
    • Professionally composed designs
    • Outdoor rooms, gardens, walkways, kitchen gardens
    • Pollinator and wildlife focus available
    • Feed your family with our homestead food system designs
  • Expert pruning

    One of the best investments for your grounds
    • Ornimental shrubs and bushes
    • Hedge rows
    • Fruit trees
    • Fully insured and experienced
    • Pricing for pruning can vary
  • Lawn Spa Treatment

    Custom attention with organic methods
    • Belt & Suspenders to keep or return your lawn to top health
    • Safe organic fertilizer application
    • Reseeding and overseeding
    • Repair all damaged turf
    • Aeration
    • Soil testing and PH amendments
    • De-thatching and debree removal
  • Spring wake up

    Dethatch, power broom, fix damage done by snow removal
    • De-thatching the dead material from grass
    • Removing gravel and woody debree from lawn
    • Reseeding dead spots and plow damage
    • light pruning of ornamentals and fruit trees
  • Fall Clean Up

    Leaf and stick removal
    • Prepare your lawn with our winterization checklist
    • Be ready for the plow and be pleasantly surprise come spring
  • 2 ac+ Property Plan

    Every month
    Mowing - Weed Whacking - Grounds Clean-Up
    Valid for 7 months
    • Large Properties are those greater than 2ac less than 4ac
    • Quiet outdoor lawn mowing powered by the sun and people
    • Weekly service
  • Large Estates

    Every month
    Properties larger than 4 acres
    Valid for 7 months
    • Mowing - Weed Whacking - Clean up
    • Larger lawns can also be cut with our solar powered mowers!
    • Weekly service
  • Homesteader Plan

    Prepare your property with resilient food systems
    • This is a custom design service
    • Installation and maintenance is offered
    • Chicken, Pig, Maple, Veggie, Fruit, Orchard, Composting, +
    • With Tigertown Farm's developers Matt and Krystyna
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